Examen extraordinario 27 de enero 2018

Hi everyone, happy 2018!!

For this exam, you need to check these topics

  • Simple past vs present perfect
  • Simple present vs present continuous
  • linkers and prepositions (time, place)
  • have to/should/must (modal verbs)
  • will /going to
  • comparatives/superlatives
  • question tags
  • WH- question words

Be aware that you need to check form/use/ meaning for each one.

Also, I need to ask you to bring a PHONEMIC CHART, since there’s going to be a Phonology section in the exam.

Reading section is going to be ARTS-focused so you need to know AT LEAST basic vocabulary of arts material and supplies.

Check these examples



If you have any doubts, feel free to write me at robsm.fad@gmail.com

or search for my facebook account 😀

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