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Examen extraordinario 27 de enero 2018

Hi everyone, happy 2018!!

For this exam, you need to check these topics

  • Simple past vs present perfect
  • Simple present vs present continuous
  • linkers and prepositions (time, place)
  • have to/should/must (modal verbs)
  • will /going to
  • comparatives/superlatives
  • question tags
  • WH- question words

Be aware that you need to check form/use/ meaning for each one.

Also, I need to ask you to bring a PHONEMIC CHART, since there’s going to be a Phonology section in the exam.

Reading section is going to be ARTS-focused so you need to know AT LEAST basic vocabulary of arts material and supplies.

Check these examples

If you have any doubts, feel free to write me at

or search for my facebook account 😀